ICORE – International Confederation of Revolver Enthusiasts. ICORE was founded in the USA in   1991 and was adopted in Australia shortly after.

Matches combine elements of IPSC, Action Pistol (the Bianchi Cup), and Steel Challenge,demanding competition exclusively for revolvers.

Scoring is based on total time (no hit factors, faster is better), Poor hits or misses simply add time to a competitor’s score. Standard paper target used in the NRA-D1 target, steel poppers and plates are also used within stages.  

Stages are designed to replicate practical shooting in a safe manner. Courses of fire may incorporate standard targets and steel targets where competitors may engage targets from a stationery and or moving positions with the course of fire.

All firearms used in ICORE centrefire matches must be revolvers with a minimum calibre of .32 magnum and no greater than a calibre of .38. Four divisions are recognised with ICORE: Open, Limited, Limited 6 and Classic division.

ICORE requires a holster and equipment that will securely hold your firearm and sufficient ammunition as necessary to complete the stage at hand.  All equipment must be attached to the competitor’s belt.


Matches are conducted every Saturday morning at 9am as per the Club Calendar excluding the last Saturday of every month.


ICORE Discipline Representative is Dale Davies - Ph: 0400 597 105

 Firearms Safety Training - ICORE

See also ICORE web pages at www.icore.org or www.icoreaustralia.org.au