International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF) matches are the internationally sanctioned matches of the Olympic and Commonwealth Games.  They include Centrefire, Ladies Sport Pistol, Junior Sport Pistol, Free Pistol, Standard Pistol, Rapid Fire and 10m Air Pistol.  These matches revolve around the search for ultimate precision and perfect accuracy, requiring intense concentration and physical control.  The 10m Air Pistol match, aside from being a challenging and enjoyable match, is an excellent training tool for identifying technical faults and rectifying them.

Apart from Centrefire, the other matches are all shot using .22 calibre target pistols which makes them cheap and easily accessible.

Click here for a video overview of ISSF shooting.


Tuesday evenings commencing at 6.30pm - 10m Air Pistol.

Sunday mornings commencing at 8.30am as per the Club Calendar.


ISSF Discipline Representative is Anthony Long.