Practical shooting is an International competition that is shot on all continents, with local, state, national, regional and international championships happening on a regular basis.  It is controlled on an international basis by the  International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC).

IPSC Australia Inc is the body recognised by the Australian Government for the management and regulation of the sport of Practical Shooting.

In Practical competition, a variety of target types are used (including paper and steel, stationary and moving, scoring targets and penalty targets). There is no set way these targets are arranged, nor even how many targets are used in a single match.

Shooting stages usually require competitors to move away from a starting position to enable them to see and engage all the targets in the stage. This adds an athletic component to the test, as well as an intellectual one in that the competitor is required to work out the most efficient manner and order of engaging the targets, taking into account his/her own shooting skills, athleticism etc.

Practical competitions are most often for centre-fire pistols and revolvers of calibres from 9mm to .38. Occasionally, competitions are also held for rifle and/or shotgun.


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IPSC Discipline Representatives are Aaron Abbott and Mark Walklin


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