The Service Pistol matches were developed by Pistol Australia 

in the mid 1970’s to allow military and law enforcement personnel to compete with civilian shooters in a competitive sports environment. The matches are an exciting and challenging mixture of precision and action shooting over distances from 50yds to 7yds and from varying shooting positions, including prone, sitting and from behind barricades. Each series consists of a timed exposure of turning targets and as the distance decreases, so does the time available. The match consists of 90 rounds and usually takes about 45 minutes to complete.

Pistols from .32 to .38 calibre are used and are mainly based upon standard ‘duty’ type firearms, although minor modifications are permitted.  Matches where the pistol is drawn from a holster require shooters to hold a current PA Holster Accreditation card.  The Service Unrestricted match does not use a holster and does not require ammunition to reach a Power Factor floor making it the perfect match for training new shooters in correct technique and procedure.

Service 25 is another variation which uses short barreled pistols and all rounds must be loaded from the pocket.

The World Association 1500 match is gaining in popularity and is conducted at the club on the fourth Sunday of each month.  See the calendar for exact dates.


Sunday morning commencing at 8.30am as per the Club Calendar.


Service Pistol Discipline Representative is Scott Sekulich